The Faculty of Infectious Diseases, created in 2007, addresses existing and emerging infectious disease threats more effectively by integrating multidisciplinary research in animal, human, and ecosystem health.

The Faculty of Infectious Diseases spans eight schools and colleges at UGA, creating a consolidated profile for infectious disease research at UGA.

The faculty promotes interdisciplinary interactions, new collaborations, and synergy among UGA faculty and with regional institutions and the private sector; facilitates the pursuit of new research initiatives, particularly in response to emerging threats, and new technologies and applications; and trains the next generation of researchers in infectious diseases.

Our research efforts encompass:

  • the dynamics of transmission and epidemiology,
  • the molecular and cellular basis of host-pathogen interactions,
  • the evolution and ecology of infectious diseases,
  • predictive models and effective surveillance to better anticipate and detect the emergence of new threats, and
  • the development of successful countermeasures, including vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics.