The Challenge:

Nanotechnology is the study and use of matter at the nanoscale (dimensions between 1 and 100 nanometers), where materials exhibit unique properties.  Working at the nanoscale makes it possible to harness these properties for novel applications. Our challenge is to explore how these unique properties might be applied to the detection and control of infectious diseases.

To this end, the University of Georgia and the Georgia Research Alliance have invested significantly in the infrastructure necessary to support studies at the nanoscale, including the creation of the Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center (NanoSEC) and the construction of a 2,200-sq-ft Class 100/1000 multidisciplinary cleanroom for fabrication, characterization, and manipulation of nanoscale materials.

This facility and the NanoSEC faculty who use it are strategically embedded with faculty in infectious diseases to promote interaction and cross-disciplinary collaboration.   Areas of emphasis include nanotechnology-based strategies for pathogen detection and identification, targeted delivery of therapeutics, and imaging.

Areas of Emphasis